Group Formed to Support Veteran’s in the Family Court Process.

We are the first new grassroots organization is starting in Nevada that will advocate for a Veterans Court in Family Court.

Army Veteran, Artur Terabellan  announced a Veteran Fathers Rights support group is forming to address Veterans issues in Family Court here in Clark County.

“Every Court but Family Court has a Judge who hears cases involving Veterans. After my experience in Family Court with a Judge who cannot relate to issues that affect Veterans, I have decided to form this group” said Mr. Terabellan.

vfw slideVeteran Fathers Rights is a nonpartisan coalition of citizens, community leaders and other stakeholders interested in promoting a voice for veterans in Family Court. “many Nevada Veteran’s are becoming increasingly frustrated with their issues and concerns not being addressed.

Our goals include advocating for policies aimed at Judges and the courts considering the Veterans health, economic, and other issues that affect them.

Our organization will fill a void in Clark County and Nevada and is lead by Real Estate Professional and Army Veteran Artur Terabellan who is the President, and Army Veteran Johnny Jackson of Aloha Consulting as Executive Director.